Britten Sessions


Britten Sessions has years of experience in every stage of the patent process, including early-stage IP opportunities, strategic preparation and procurement of patents and alignment of patent portfolios with business strategies.

As a patent attorney, he provides patent and licensing-related legal counsel to groups of all sizes – from individual inventors to Fortune 500-sized companies. Mr Sessions has advised on hundreds of patent enforcement, acquisition, licensing and other monetization transactions. To that end, he has assisted companies in monetizing patent assets yielding over $100 million in returns. Additionally, he has assisted in turning unmarketable pending patent portfolios into viable revenue streams supported by seven to eight-digit transactions.

Additionally, Mr Sessions is Associate Dean of Intellectual Property at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, where he also founded and directs its IP Clinic. He teaches classes relating to IP, patent practice and portfolio strategies. In addition, he has authored several peer-reviewed publications and eight IP-related books.

Mr Sessions has been repeatedly ranked as a world leading IP Strategist by IAM (2016-2021), and recognized as an lawyer by Super Lawyers (2016-2021) and by Silicon Valley Business Journal "Top 40 under 40" (2016). Further, he chaired the high-technology section of the Santa Clara County Bar Association for the 2015-2016 year.

While Mr Sessions specializes in every stage of the patent process, one key differentiator is his expertise in early-stage IP opportunities, which combines his talents of early recognition of winning technology, strategic procurement of enforceable patents and development of licensing-focused business strategies from the ground up.